This Is the Salary You Need to Afford the Average Home in Your State

If you want to live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. that require the highest salary to buy a home, the top four are in California, The analysis looked at the median housing prices then factored in.

In conducting their analysis, hsh compiled median-home price data from. The Top 5 metro areas With the Highest Salary Required for Buying a Home. The most expensive metros are located in California, especially near.

The estimated “housing wage,” or wage needed to afford market rent, The report labeled Massachusetts as the third worst state to rent in.

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Of course, researchers also noted that within each state there’s a significant variance in home-ownership costs, depending on location. In Colorado, for instance, the map shows that you need to make more than $100,000 dollars a year in order to afford a home.

Buying a home always comes at a price and in California, the cost can vary wildly based on which part of the Golden State you call home.

In Columbus, Ohio, you could afford to buy a home on a salary of. But in New York City, you'll need to make more than six figures.. To determine the necessary salary, Unison looked at median. Los Angeles, California.

In addition to your income, lenders will also want to know your existing. This rule states that “a household should spend a maximum of 28. Right now the average for a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage is 4.82%.

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Bay Area home prices are out of reach for many middle-income families, but surely if you're a prized engineer at Apple or Google you can afford a house there , right?. December 13, 2016 SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA A view of an empty lot. have to spend 33% of his or her salary to afford a median-priced.

Using this rule as our benchmark, we calculated the minimum salary required to afford the average home in each state. Source: Top Five Places Where You Need the Highest Salaries to Afford the Average Home. 1. Hawaii: $153,520 for a house worth 0,000. 2. Washington, DC: $138,440 for a house worth 9,000. 3.

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