Property tax problems for customers of bankrupt lender

You can also apply for a loan to pay your property taxes. These loans may be obtained from a bank or a property tax lender. Property tax lenders specialize in lending money to pay back taxes. However, many such lenders charge extremely high interest rates. A Tax Lawyer Can Help. The law surrounding failure to pay your property taxes is complicated and varies from state to state.

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Property Tax Credit  · More than 70 problems can delay your settlement. Here’s you can resolve them.. bankruptcy filings, court judgments and tax records that may be defective or outstanding.. lender.

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Your property tax creditor is ahead of, or superior to, your mortgage lender on your home’s title. So if the property taxes were indeed foreclosed on, your mortgage lender would have the property foreclosed out from under it as well. That would leave your lender without any collateral protecting its mortgage debt.

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LOUIS COUNTY The woman recently hired to oversee tax collections in st. louis county has not paid her personal property. loans (Stacy Bailey has a master’s degree in business administration from.

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With depressed property values and reduced cash flow, business clients may need your advice on how to restructure mortgages on business real estate. In a typical situation, members of an LLC share tax and other consequences of foreclosure, bankruptcy or debt restructuring.

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