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1. (v.) to credit, assign (He attributes all of his success to his mother’s undying encouragement.) 2. (n.)a facet or trait (Among the beetle’s most peculiar attributes is its thorny protruding eyes.)

John 7 Commentary, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary contains over 34,000 pages in its original 56 volume printing, the largest of its kind

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Multicolor Foliage. Some plants have smooth-edge leaves, while others showcase more serrated leaves. A few angel’s trumpet varieties have variegated foliage. For example, Snowbank angel’s trumpet has leaves featuring deep-green centers with mid-green edges and a bright-cream outer border.

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However, there still seems to be a common understanding that in the end the PRC will not be able to withstand the victory of liberalism and democracy. Consequently, socialism with Chinese characteristics’ is mainly regarded as a poor ideology that can never constitute an alternative path to (or even be an alternative model of) modernity as the Communist leadership is suggesting.

ASVAB Word Knowledge. 1. (n.) to stick to something (We adhered the poster to the wall with tape.) 2. (n.) to follow devoutly (He adhered to the dictates of his religion without question.) (v.) to be in accordance with or compatible with; to carry out a plan without deviation; (v.) to come into close contact with;

Centenarian’s Wrong Number Call Results in New Best Friend and 10-Hour Road Trip! Mortgage Masters Group Those jobs once belonged to undocumented workers-or "slaves," as Fuller and Kenric would call them. Now they belong to no one. Despite Georgia’s looming agricultural catastrophe, neighboring states.

Lily gasped in surprise at the amount of the dowry. This was equivalent to thirty-five years’ salary of an Unspeakable (her salary was 14 000G a year, one of the highest salaries in the Ministry of Magic, just behind that of the Departmental Directors (19 500G annual) and the.

The Digital Archive of the Southern Speech (DASS) is an audio corpus of semi-spontaneous linguistic atlas interviews (Kretzschmar et al. 2013) derived from the Linguistic Atlas of the Gulf States (Pederson et al. 1986). It contains speech from 64 natives (34 men and 30.

For example, the Tenebrionid beetle Onymacris rugatipennis can withstand 50 C. Tiger beetles in hot, sandy areas are often whitish (for example, Habroscelimorpha dorsalis), to reflect more heat than a darker colour would. These beetles also exhibits behavioural adaptions to tolerate the heat: they are able to stand erect on.