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He studied taym sideways, taking in the droop of his eyes and the thin mosquito whine of tension buzzing through him, and something in Jordan hurt exhaustedly for this person who was not actually his friend. "You got here at a bad time for everyone," he said finally. Jordan, Ferros murmured. Yeah, I know. Probably not worth the energy.

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Bugs, vicious biting flies. Swarms of them, while you walk they mostly circled around you but didn’t actually land. They’d sit on your bag and hat, sometimes even the rim of your glasses. Only for a second, before buzzing off again. You have to stop sometime though, usually for water. Flies, mosquitoes and other bugs unsurprisingly also need water.

Jordan S. Bassior" Introduction: zombie apocalypses straddle the ground between fantasy horror and science fiction horror, depending on the reason given for the apocalypse. The tendency is for zombie apocalypses set on the near-future Earth to be science fiction horror, because that allows authors to exploit our fear of epidemic disease, which is an obvious rationale for the zombie apocalypse.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.. “Now Jordan, what fun would there be in that?”. seconds later, the bar was buzzing again, Frought had launched into its next number, and the bar fight was all but forgotten. Lulu finally made her way back to her friends where Robin worriedly made sure she was okay.

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"Harry isn’t going to listen to us," said Remus exhaustedly. "He just wishes to go back to the only world he’s known. Maybe one day he might come back, but right now.we’ve essentially kidnapped him and I can’t really blame him for being angry."

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Blog Mount Shasta – A Mystical Myth for Our Times A. Creating Community. Patheos.com – June 25, 2019: Back in the day’, community tended to be formed accidentally’ based on geographical proximity which then evolved a common language, a shared culture and a fabricated foundation myth. Later, it became even more bonded by a combination of these three shared characteristics and by opposition.