An Open Letter to the Community on the Ocean Breeze Acquisition

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And for some, vacationing by the ocean is a way of life. lupine flowers that bloom along the beach and sway in the coastal breeze. In keeping with its name, the small Blue Mountain community is.

Though the crime rate is surprising, what this report fails to mention is that a sizable portion of Daytona’s residents are seasonal second homeowners and retired, which would help account for the low.

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The course was previously a bargaining chip for the city’s acquisition of Ocean Breeze Golf Club in a land-swap deal with Lennar. But the Greater boca raton beach & Park District is in talks to buy.

In Ocean City, Ventnor and Margate, nearly every eatery offers sidewalk seating, with scores of breakfast goers enjoying pancakes and eggs on the pavement on sunny mornings. It’s not Paris, but some.

Affinity Health Plan will transition members in its four Medicare Advantage plans to nonprofit insurer EmblemHealth at the end of the year, according to a letter sent to health. and the health care.

Ocean Breeze is intended to become the Boca National Golf course. Ocean Strand However, it appears that it has been proposed as a site for a twin tower commercial development against the wishes of many Boca Raton residents and against current zoning laws.

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Open Letter to the Dive Community Concerning Sund Rock  Dive Beach I place my life in God’s hands, he know me like no one else. So if you need to beg, please beg, if you need to hurt, it’s a cleansing, if your lost pray to your higher power and beg for help, Like you chased after the drug, chase after happiness without drugs. I will never forget the staff at Ocean Breeze. Thank you for your love and support.

Construction is under way on a new multislide complex and an expanded children’s play area at Ocean Breeze Waterpark, the new owners announced Wednesday. Neptune’s Revenge, a 1,500-foot, four-slide.